Inaugurated in June 2011, the Off-Road Track was created with the purpose of complementing the existing structures at the Algarve Motorsports Park.

This all-terrain track was projected to bring together all variants of motorsport and motorcycling: speed, off-road and rallying.

The Track

It be used for all-terrain vehicle and motorcycle testing, SUVs and rallies, as well as for events and tours. Some peculiarities include zones of streams, artificial zones of obstacles, several types of route, etc. There is also a motorcycle track based on special Enduro rides.

Technical Characteristics

Total Track information

    • Perimeter: 5.180m
    • Track width: 6.50m (80%) / 3.25 (20%)
    • Total number of corners (track A+B): 45
    • To right (track A+B): 22
    • To left (track A+B): 23

Track Versions

A Off-road TrackPerimeter: 2.690m

B Off-road TrackPerimeter: 1.370m

C Enduro /Trial TrackPerimeter: 1.120m


Autódromo do Algarve is one of the most demanding tracks ever.
Michael Van Der Mark, SBK Yamaha Rider

Quick Facts

Fastest Lap

Max Speed

Attendance Capacity