Yes, provided you hold a pass or ticket for the race. Buses will leave Portimão (Praia da Rocha) and Lagos (by the Marina) during the three days of the event from 7:30am and at approximately 60 minute intervals. Please note that parking at these points will be free of charge but limited to its capacity.


At the end of each day’s programme of activities, these shuttles will take the opposite route. The last bus back to Portimão (Praia da Rocha) and Lagos (Marina) is scheduled to leave the Autódromo at 5.30pm each day.


The departure (and return) points are as follows:


PORTIMÃO (Bus stop and parking area):


Parking Portimão Marina (3 parking areas):


. Entrance from Av. Rio Arade here

. Entrance from Estr. da Rocha here

. Entrance from Rua Simão Correia here


Shuttle (2 pick-up/drop-off zones): near the car parks, here or here



LAGOS (Bus stop and parking area):


Parking Marina de Lagos / Marina Club


Bus stop and parking area here