You may bring your helmet with you to the stand. There is no official place for helmet storage and safekeeping. However, Moto Clube de Portimão offers a service of this type in the area nearby the Circuit Shop (cost and conditions are the responsibility of Moto Clube de Portimão).


The MOTOGP organization does not allow professional capture of images. It is not allowed to enter with cameras/video cameras with a lens (fixed or removable) larger than 200mm or any video image and sound recorders, other than for private use and purposes, or tripods.


Only containers for individual use and of small size, such as an individual bag, backpack or suitcase/wallet, are allowed.

There is no place for storage and safekeeping of equipment, so you should not bring it with you or, if you do, it will be your responsibility to ensure its safekeeping and security.