Spectators will have two ways to reach the circuit:


– Through dedicated, exclusive and free shuttles that can be used upon presentation of the pass or ticket, from Portimão (Praia da Rocha, at the location indicated below) and Lagos (Marina, at the location indicated below). Transports are scheduled to start at 7.30 am on the days of the event and will leave at 1 hour intervals. At the end of each day, after the day’s programme has finished, shuttles will operate to take spectators back to Portimão (Praia da Rocha) and Lagos (Marina). See the departure location further down in this Guide.


– By own car or motorbike, parking in the car parks available around the venue as per the map above.


For easier access to the Circuit, you should follow the signs and look for the park closest to your seating area.


All parks in the AIA venue will have permanent security staff and staff to inform spectators of the capacity and availability of each park. Their opening hours are from 07h00 until two hours after the event ends. There are no buses for transportation from the park to the Circuit, so you should count on walking time of up to 30 minutes.